Good Morning!

My posting has been sporadic lately because Matthew and I have been super busy! Matthew is constantly on the go and we are always doing something. One of his new favorite games is tag – we take turns chasing each other around the house. It is so much fun and quite a good cardio workout for both of us. Each day he becomes more and more confident on his feet and is falling less often.

In addition to our regular stuff, this week we helped my parents turn this…

into this…

My dad and I planted over 47 clusters of plants over the course of two days! In total, there are now more than 67 clusters of plants on their hill, including hosta, bee balm, decorative grass, iris, spirea, lilies, and more!

Last year the electric company put in new power lines along the street behind my parent’s house (just past the fence) and claimed eminent domain on two large evergreens in my parent’s yard, leaving them with a huge bare spot in their backyard.

My cousin Emily, who has a horticulture degree, spent the last couple weeks helping my parents come up with a plan for the hill that used existing plants from our yards. I know that the hill looks a little messy now, as many of the plants were a bit shocked by the move. But next year it will look amazing!

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