For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a calling on my life to tell stories through the written word, art and music. Since becoming an adult I have pretty much pretended that these callings didn’t exist. I have found other interests to take their place and have honed my skills in other areas. But nothing has ever made me more happy than singing, writing and creating. Finally, at 31 years old and two kids deep into life I am honoring my calling.

A few weeks ago I started painting, which has been extremely challenging, as I have never really been much of a painter. But things are coming along nicely.

I began putting pen to paper. Through the process of reading Jennie Allen’s book, Restless, I started journaling again and have almost filled the entire book! You’ll also notice that I am focusing on storytelling here at Maria Makes Muffins. Baking, cooking, fitness and healthy living are still a big part of my life. I will continue to share lots of recipes and tips on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Some of that content will also make its way to MMM, it’s just not going to be the focus of my writing.

I am considering my time commitments and would like to start singing at church again. However, this one is taking a bit more Bravery than I am willing to release at the moment. But I’m working on it. In the meantime I have been more intentional about listening to music that excites and inspires me to worship and pray. Check out Meredith Andrew’s song, Strong God, if you need to rock the house with affirmations of strength and bravery.

What steps have you been taking to honor God’s calling on your life?

Lake Superior RocksPictured Rocks National Lakeshore		Grand Marais, Michigan

Into the Tumbler

Oh friends, for the last year I have felt like a caterpillar awaiting transformation. Knowing full-well that God had something more in store for my life – cocoons and wings, not simply milkweed. I have felt God working closely to shape and form me. To smooth out my rough edges, like an agate waiting in line…

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Visions from God

Do you ever experience visions from God? I do. I guess I never really thought about it as being that unique or special until last weekend at MOMcon when Jennie Allen spoke of the vision she had when praying about her keynote speech. It felt a little odd to hear that she had a vision about us…

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

A friend of mine posted the following quote on Facebook today and I felt it was appropriate given the theme of this post: pumpkin. “No matter how urban our life, our bodies live by farming; we come from the earth and return to it, and so we live in agriculture as we live in flesh.”…

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Loving Lately

Good afternoon! It’s a glorious, sunny fall day here. I hope that the sun is shinning wherever you are, as well! Here are a few things that I have been loving lately. I hope that something here blesses your heart and reminds you to go out and enjoy something that you love this week! 1….

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