CSA Week 7

This week’s fruit box was overflowing with goodness, per usual.   However, the star of the show from this week’s CSA box was the yellow squash and cucumbers. I plan to combine the cucumbers with the red onion we received to make refrigerator cucumbers ASAP! (note: the brown paper bag contained baby red potatoes) The yellow squash joined a few other veggies in a special crockpot dish.  In other news, I still have not made my kohlrabi!... Read More


I blinked and the summer is already half over. In a few short weeks the air will be crisp, football season will kick off and my sweet pea will turn one. Either our cold and wet Spring has me off or I am still sleep deprived from 8+ months of waking every few hours. Whatever it is, you can’t deny that the heat of Summer is upon us (it’s been close to 90+ degrees with high humidity for as long as I can remember). We are all (knock on wood)... Read More

In Season

Summer has finally arrived! It’s hard to believe that eight short weeks ago I was blogging about this… Yikes! And today it was a sunny, mid-80 degree day. A couple weeks ago we started receiving boxes from our CSA, Treasured Haven Farm. This is our second year with this farm and so far have had a wonderful experience. This year I hope to document all of the boxes that we receive so that others can see the incredible value that comes from... Read More

What’s in the box? CSA Week 1

I feel like I have been waiting for our CSA share forever! This week the season officially began and as we walked the couple blocks to our pick up site I couldn’t wait to check out what was waiting for us. A couple years ago we split a CSA box with my parents and did not have a good experience (this was not the same CSA we are using this year). Let’s just say that we were really tired of curly kale and zucchini by the end of the summer! So,... Read More