Advent + Christmas Traditions

Every year I look forward to celebrating Advent with my boys. Since Matthew was born, we have had some sort of Advent calendar. The first year I picked up an organic, fair-trade chocolate advent calendar at the natural food co-op while shopping for our Thanksgiving meal. Allan and Matthew tore open the doors each day and Allan…

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Shauna Niequist MOMCon 2014

Brave Mom: Building Community

I have been a MOPS mom for 2 1/2 years. I found MOPS when I was in a very lonely, fragile place emotionally, spiritually and paternally. Luke was 6 months old, he was feeling healthier after figuring out his health problems and was finally sleeping for more than 40 minutes at a time. After spending so…

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Shopping With Kids

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope that you had a productive and restful weekend. Since Thursday we have been going nonstop from sun up to sunset! It all started two Thursdays ago with an email from an incredible blog, who happens to be a fan of my husband’s design work. But, let me start at the beginning of…

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Eagan Art House Preschool Program

Good morning! As you probably already noticed, over the last few days Maria Makes Muffins got a facelift! Allan and I have been hard at work implementing and customizing the Genesis Framework and Foodie Pro child theme. Please click around and leave a comment about the new experience. As you may have gathered from my Instagram…

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Homemade Baby Food

When L began eating solids back in March we loosely followed the Baby-Led Weaning approach. I was surprised at how well he did feeding himself cute pieces of super soft foods. So, honestly we haven’t had a huge need for homemade baby food purees, like we did when M was a baby. I am really loving…

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I blinked and the summer is already half over. In a few short weeks the air will be crisp, football season will kick off and my sweet pea will turn one. Either our cold and wet Spring has me off or I am still sleep deprived from 8+ months of waking every few hours. Whatever…

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Seventh Heaven

Things have turned a delightful corner. I almost didn’t want to blog about life with a seventh month old and 2 (going on 3) year old because I didn’t want to jinx it! However, keeping with my promise to be honest with you, my beloved friends, coupled with the fear that I may have talked…

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Artcrank 2013

Hitting the Barre

How was your weekend, friends? We’ve been a little under the weather over here. Luke has been teething up a storm with SIX new teeth coming in. Two of them finally popped through last week, giving him some relief. But seriously, that boy wants to ensure that he has at least one tooth for every…

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Snapshots from Orange Beach

We spent last week on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama with my mother and father-in-law, who are snowbirds and spend the three coldest, most wintery months on the much warmer beaches of Alabama. The week started out a little rough. Traveling with two small children is kind of crazy. Although, we refuse to let having…

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Slider Honesty

Honesty is the Best Policy

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement yesterday. It’s nice to hear that I am not alone. However, yesterday’s post was not intended to be a woe, is me plea. Honestly, it was a raw look into my day with two young children. I strive to keep from writing with rose colored glasses. I feel that…

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Slider Day In the Life

A Day In the Life with Two Under 3

I love when fellow mommy bloggers share Day In the Life posts, so I thought that I would do a quick run down of a day in the life of the Peters family! I am following the The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped plan as our beach vacation approaches, so all of the eats that you see…

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Slider Living Without

Living Without

I realize it has been months since I first posted about Luke’s health and I have not updated you on how things are going. I am so sorry. To say that life is a hectic, crazy mess with two kids under 3 would be an understatement! Somedays I honestly have no idea what I’ve done all…

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Luke's Birth Story Slider Part 3

Luke’s Birth Story: Part 3, The Birth

This post is the final installation of a three part series of Luke’s Birth Story that ran this week. Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 1, The Road to Homebirth Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 2, In Denial — At 1:00 AM sharp I awoke from a deep sleep. I…

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Luke's Birth Story Slider Part 2

Luke’s Birth Story: Part 2, In Denial

This post is the second installation of a three part series of Luke’s Birth Story that ran this week. Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 1, The Road to Homebirth Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 3, The Birth — Fast-forward several weeks to Friday, September 7th, the night before Luke’s guess date. I…

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Luke's Birth Story Slider Part 1

Luke’s Birth Story: Part 1, The Road to Homebirth

This post is the first installation of a three part series of Luke’s Birth Story that ran this week. Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 2, In Denial Click here to read Luke’s Birth Story: Part 3, The Birth Luke’s birth story begins when I was seven months pregnant with Matthew. At that time we were taking…

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At the Co-Op Slider

At the Co-Op

This morning Matthew, Luke and I ventured to our Co-Op, Valley Natural Foods, for the first time since Luke was born. In the last few months I’ve shopped at Valley a couple times either with Allan or solo, but this was our first time there just the three of us. I was prepared for an…

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Slider Hello Lovely

Ten Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hello, lovely! Words cannot express how much I have missed you. The following are ten things that I am loving right now that I couldn’t help but share with you! 1. Making art. Matt and I have been embracing our inner artists. This was our first time using our gluten-free organic/edible finger paint. Matthew thoroughly enjoyed…

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Toddler Lunch Slider

Happy to be back!

Luke is 8 weeks old today! I have missed blogging and am so happy to be back from my extended maternity leave. Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet these last couple months, but it was necessary for my own mental health as I juggle life with a newborn and a toddler. I have…

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Luke Allan Peters

Luke Allan Peters was peacefully born in our living room into Allan’s loving arms on September 10, 2012 at 3:03 AM. Mom and baby are both happy, healthy and resting at home. Our sweet baby Luke weighs 9 pounds 8 ounces and is 22.5 inches long. Thank you for your support and love throughout our…

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IMG_5646-2 header words

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24-25

Every week passes by quicker than the last. I can’t believe that in a few short months I will be holding our little one in my arms! Baby Peters is grown like a weed, which is exciting, but a bit concerning, as well. Today I met with my midwife for my routine 26-28 week appointment…

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17 and 18 weeks header cream

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17 & 18

I have fallen behind on posting my pregnancy updates and decided to combine weeks 17 and 18 into one post, as today is the last day of week 18! Remember when I mentioned in my week 16 post that I was having vivid dreams about feeling the baby kick on the outside of my belly?…

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IMG_4875-2 Header

Pregnancy update: 16 weeks

I appologize in advance for the pics in this post, I completely forgot to have Allan take an official week 16 belly pic. What you see are the best photos that I have from dyeing Easter eggs on Friday. I caught a little cold this week. I believe I had the same virus that caused…

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Maria Matt 2-3

Pregnancy update: 15 weeks

Welcome to week 15, my little one! When I look in the mirror I feel like I look very pregnant. Although, having been through this before, I know that this is nothing compared to how I will look and feel come August! My maternity clothes are starting to fit properly, or at least not completely…

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The Bible Study Cupcake Caper

This morning Matthew and I went to Bible Study, like we do every Tuesday morning. When we entered the nursery Matthew took one look at the blonde girl that was already in the nursery and immediately began crying. The last few weeks, Matthew has been having a difficult time with me leaving him in the…

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