Autumn in a Bowl

The air is crisp. The sun is lower. The sumac is red. Autumn is approaching. There is a grin on my face.

Last week’s lows in the 50’s (!) had me craving pumpkin. I will confess that early last week I used our last can of reserved pumpkin; horrified, I immediately went to Target and bought 3 additional cans of organic pumpkin. There is now only one can left in the cupboard. I must buy more.

Regardless of our pumpkin consumption, I have several wonderful pumpkin recipes to share with you. Unfortunately, today I will not be sharing a recipe; rather I will be planting a seed – a pumpkin seed if you will. :)

Lately, I have been focusing on getting back to my clean eating roots, as I feel that I become too enlightened in my cooking and want to get back to the basics. Therefore, I spent some time paging through my vast collection of Eat-Clean Diet books. I don’t know why I have not made every single recipe in them yet… Actually, it’s rather silly. Thank you, Tosca for the inspiration for the following breakfast that we enjoyed so.very.much. So much so that I may need to make it again tomorrow. :)

Can you guess exactly what this is?

Yep. You guessed it right! It’s pumpkin spice buckwheat pudding, which is kind of like rice pudding, but made with raw buckwheat groats instead of rice.

I simply followed Tosca’s recipe from the Eat Clean Cookbook, omitted the agave, subbed pumpkin for the apple, added pumpkin pie spice and soaked the groats overnight. In the morning I baked the pudding in individual ramekins. For the complete recipe details you will have to buy the book. 😉

Speaking of eating clean, I have been following Tosca’s Stripped plan. I don’t know how long I will be going without dairy, wheat and natural sweeteners. But so far the cravings have been intense! All the more reason why I should be doing this cleanse, if you will. I hate feeling dependent on certain foods… but more on this some other time.

I must get back to the Green Bay game. Confession: I am a sucker for football and love my Vikings.

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